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The inception of Janis Ellington - Addiction Recovery Strategies, is an initiative to extend my efforts of helping addicts and their families as well as bridging the gap for fellow clinicians seeking resources for their clients.  

Through consultation, education, and even a few ‘outside the box’ techniques, I’ve developed ways to guide and support people and families struggling with the disease of addiction.

I know how to partner with addicts and their family members and use services which are effective and tailor-made to help them meet their unique recovery needs.

Please contact me for more information about this new expansion of my services. As always, I want to partner with you and your clients to maximize their readiness to receive guidance and support on their roads to addiction recovery.

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Addiction 411 Education Groups

These groups, lead by Janis Ellington, are held monthly and follow a set curriculum of addiction, recovery, and family support topics. Groups are appropriate for individuals and families contemplating treatment for addiction or currently engaged in a treatment program or currently practicing a program of recovery.

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Recovery on The Move Group

Lead and facilitated by Janis Ellington, this is a unique 8 week group that meets one day a week. The group incorporates the physical act of running/walking and group therapy for women already in recovery. Group therapy will be a combination of process and set curriculum related to issues women face in recovery. Participants have the option of training for a 5k during the group series that will conclude the week of July 4th with the free Watermelon Crawl 5k at Lake Mayer.



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